We are reaching out with urgent concern regarding the advancement of HB5293 in the Illinois House. You may recall that Jen Walling, our colleague at IEC, discussed at the PSCC Annual Meeting how this bill is a serious threat to wildlife, and the legislation had the risk of building momentum in the Illinois legislature. Unfortunately, this bill is moving quickly and the threat of passage is high.

For those of you who may not be aware of the news, HB5293 is a bill being advanced that will remove the requirement for a state permit for incidental takings of federal endangered species (effectively tying us to any federal wildlife rollbacks) and will also add 2 members of the Farm Bureau as permanent seats on the Endangered Species Protection Board. The Farm Bureau has a publicly stated interest in stopping the monarch butterfly from becoming listed, which is likely the impetus behind this.

HB5293 has been moved to third reading in the House. This means that this bill could be called as early as next Tuesday.  It is HIGHLY likely that this bill will pass the House. The roll call is negative from our standpoint, and so we need your help now.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Contact legislators that represent you or your conservation area ASAP.
  2. Send Jennifer Walling, and your legislators, official science-based letters from your organization providing information on your opposition and why this is so bad.
  3. Send out an action alert to your board and members.
  4. Share on social media.

In addition, if you have any expert knowledge on this bill that you can share with Jen Walling, please do so immediately.  She needs our help.

Attached is a HB5293 fact sheet that is very helpful. PSCC will keep you informed as we hear information. DOWNLOAD THE FACT SHEET HERE.

We know that the voice of PSCC and its member base is powerful. Please do what you can to help put the brakes on HB5293.