2015 Year In Review


In looking at this comprehensive report compiled by GIS Consultant David Holman, conservation projects in Illinois have been plenty in the last year keeping conservationists very busy with many amazing accomplishments.

For instance, did you know…

  1. The Prairie State Conservation Coalition’s mapping project shows there are 62 501(c)3 environmental nonprofits that hold property or conservation easements and are currently working in Illinois; eight more than previously thought!
  2. There are 14 Forest Preserve Districts and five Conservation Districts in Illinois. The five largest on the basis of land owned or under easement are: Forest Preserve District of Cook County with 67,484 acres; Lake County Forest Preserve District with 30,269 acres; Forest Preserve District of DuPage County with 25,933 acres; McHenry County Conservation District with 24,650 acres; and, Forest Preserve District of Will County with 21,391 acres.
  3. With 31 listed species, Illinois ranks 23rd out of the 50 states and five territories in the number of federally listed Endangered or Threatened species found within its borders.

For a detailed look at the state-of-affairs in our state, CLICK HERE for the 2015 Year In Review.